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New Santa related game in the Apple iOS Store try it out!



Frozen Memories

Frozen Memories is a memory game, from the Snow Queen fairy tale.

A tale is about a frozen world where Snow Queen reigns. Gerda and Kai live here,and a troll making their hearts frozen like blocks of ice.After that Kai go with the Queen to the north. Gerda finds Kai alone and almost immobile on the frozen lake.Gerda need to solve a puzzle to release his friend.

This game is created mainly for kids but offers great fun for adults as well! It includes 36 levels with increasing difficulty by adding more cards in each round. You have to find all the matching pairs to fulfill a level.

The images depend on Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen fairy tale,
which is the base of the Disney’s actual movie Frozen.

Chord Player 1.50

Chord Player

is a music player for Android with wireless syncronized playing.

You can play multiple devices same music, in same time.You can controll from the server device the other devices.
Later you can share music between devices easily,
Supported formats

Tested on Samsung Galaxy Phones from S2 to S5 accors the S3 and S4.
Now can play music files wich are booth devices available!

The network function work only Samsung phones!

Chord Player
Robert Juhasz

Sqlite Admin 1.041

Sqlite Admin version 1.041 was released at monday.The program become to alpha state.

New things:

– from the application details page can reach the application base directory to open the related databases
– can manage the actual application
– can simply remove the application
– completly redesigned the database view page:

How to Monetize a Calculator application?

If you dont have a Top10 calculator application in the Google Play service, you have very hard to monetize successfully your application. But have a simple solution with the Appbrain’s AppLift SDK.

There are a few simple steps
  1. Create an AppBrain developer account to get access to the AppBrain developer dashboard, and register your app for the SDK there.
  2. Download the AppBrain SDK from our AppBrain AppLift GitHub project page.
  3. Integrate the SDK in your app and publish it to the Android Market.

Changes to AndroidManifest.xml

Just need 2 simple persmission to use the SDK:
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" />
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE"/>
Into the <application> part :
<!-- AppBrain SDK -->
<activity android:configChanges="keyboard|keyboardHidden|orientation|screenLayout|uiMode|screenSize|smallestScreenSize" 
    android:name="com.appbrain.AppBrainActivity" />
<service android:name="com.appbrain.AppBrainService" />        
<receiver android:exported="true" android:name="com.appbrain.ReferrerReceiver" >
        <action android:name="" />

To initalize the SDK need 1 line into the onCreate() this: AppBrain.initApp(this);
and need an import.

In bigger part of code:

import com.appbrain.AppBrain;

public class ExampleApplication extends Application {

    public void onCreate() {

After that need 4 line to use the sdk interstitial ad:

public void onBackPressed() {

If you ready with all modification and you will publish your app in app stores and somebody will exit your app, every 3 day get an ad, when exiting your app. This ad type is not too disturbing for the users. I think.