First IOT4 Device

First IOT4 device is under active development. On the picture can see an deatachable OLED display(with status displaying), the part on the SIM800C GSM module and the PIC18 microcontroller. The device can use SSL for communication, and from the outside sensors now just only connected the thermometer.

The features of the device:

-Flowmeter connection
-Thermometer connection
-OLED display
-remote lock


IOT4 Device



Frozen Memories

Frozen Memories is a memory game, from the Snow Queen fairy tale.

A tale is about a frozen world where Snow Queen reigns. Gerda and Kai live here,and a troll making their hearts frozen like blocks of ice.After that Kai go with the Queen to the north. Gerda finds Kai alone and almost immobile on the frozen lake.Gerda need to solve a puzzle to release his friend.

This game is created mainly for kids but offers great fun for adults as well! It includes 36ย levels with increasing difficulty by adding more cards in each round. You have to find all the matching pairs to fulfill a level.

The images depend on Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen fairy tale,
which is the base of the Disney’s actual movie Frozen.

If any question feel free to contact: jrobi772 at gmail dot com

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